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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Modern way to interest an agent

Query away, it's an important part of your writing career. However, don't deny the public your well written piece just because all those agents say your manuscript is not for them. The public deserves to read a well written story.

There are several ways to get your manuscript noticed. Search the web and hang around writing sites and blogs. Talk about your piece. If they allow uploads, upload some of your story and pay attention to the critiques. Rest assured, agents and publishers are watching these sites too. (Be careful for the sharks. Bookmark and check this site regularly Preditors & Editors)

Here are a couple of blogs I've read lately that help you through the process if interesting an agent.

This one gives you some great information about self-publishing and getting noticed. (Don't frown at self-publishing, there's a sizable list of classic and current authors that started out self-published. Make sure your manuscript is well edited and you'll have no problem once your sales indicate your book is exciting readers)

Don't know how to self-publish? This blog contains a series 'Fun with Indie Publishing'. Stop by and learn the ins and outs.

There are a lot of sites that allow uploads in exchange for critiques. Here are a couple I have experience with.

I like because your book will, eventually, be critiqued by professionals. The critique is thorough and insightful. The site is monitored and it's possible to be picked up before your manuscript makes it to the professional critique. It's owned by HarperCollins UK. 

I also enjoy visiting Book Country. This site is owned by Penguin USA and has been up about a year. To date, three manuscripts have been picked up.

Happy writing.

Get published.

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