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Friday, March 9, 2018

diyMFA Book Club, Prompt #9: Try a New Technique, Part 2

Prompt #9, Part 1 discussed the new technique(s) I am trying. I planned my writing, editing, and reading times. I also set a major goal and two smaller goals. Part 2 covers breaking down these goals into easy to accomplish steps.
My major goal is to submit or self-publish Blue Rose which is in its final edit. I scheduled one day a week with my editor to discuss these edits, chapter by chapter. My short goal is to cover 1 to 2 chapters at each of these sessions. This should meet my goal of finishing the edits by the end of April.

The two smaller goals are to continue writing regularly with more structure and to hang around a writing blog or two more often. One of those blogs is The Literary Midwife Blog. The other is still up in the air. Considering:
  1. diyMFA-writing 
  2.  Writer's Digest writing goals and/or Writer's Digest editors blog

I'm implementing the "diyMFA" Writing Tracker worksheet to find what works to accomplish my writing goals. My variable is writing outside on the back porch instead of at the dining room table. There are actually many variables since I've come down to our home in Homestead, but I don't consider them a problem. I wrote Ten Little Gator Eggs, most of Blue Rose and many other stories, articles, and essays here.

I also wrote out small goals to meet my big goal. Easy bites to eat the elephant. To do this, I downloaded and printed the "diyMFA" goal sheet.  I'll date each sheet with the beginning and ending dates. Each sheet includes the writing, reading, and community building goals as planned out based on the  "diyMFA" book.

You can write out your goals and break them down into smaller, simpler goals. Have you done this?

Yesterday was the first day using the writing tracker and goal sheet. It's the long haul that tells the truth. I wrote 917 words, edited 3 chapters with the editor, our daughter (she's really good a catching and commenting. It's because she's a reader--so read almost as much as you write. We'll be doing exercises in reading in future prompts).

 Follow this blog for future updates for prompt 9 as I'll continue to post my experiences of using the techniques in the "diyMFA" book.

I'm so glad I joined Word Nerds Unite. You can too. It's never too late. This can be done at any time in your writing career but should be done ASAP to keep you from making many of the common mistakes. Want to join 500+ authors on Facebook as we 'Word Nerds Unite' and participate in this challenge? It's never too late. Even after the fact. Click here.  While you're here, check out the live, and not so live, broadcasts.

Stop by and friend my FaceBook pages Ten Little Gator Eggs, Botanical Aquaponics and Second Chances: Blue Rose

Presently reading:
Strike by D.J. MacHale (this series holds a special place in my heart. The character Tori Sleeper is my daughter.)
diyMFA by Gabriela Pereira, Jacquelyn Mitchard
Time and Again by Jack Finney

Recently finished:
 Storm by D.J. MacHale (this series holds a special place in my heart. The character Tori Sleeper is my daughter.)
Sylo by D.J. MacHale (this series holds a special place in my heart. The character Tori Sleeper is my daughter.)
Dark Witch by Nora Roberts
It Cannoli Be Murder by Karoline Barrett
Conquering Hope by Kionne L. McGhee

Yesterday was a bad chest day. My chest felt full. Breathing was difficult. Controlled the pain, not very well, with Tylenol and ibuprofen. Have a strange vibration in my chest on the left side. Feels like I have a cell phone vibrating in there. Can't wait until they take the cyst out. Hopefully, that'll end these problems.

Cardiac Pet is today. Then waiting for all the results to come back and the surgery to be over. Watched two YouTube videos of a neurogenic cyst removal. Interesting and calming to see how it's done.

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