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Friday, July 5, 2013

Great news!

Not only am I freelancing for, I am now freelancing for The South Dade Newsleader, our local newspaper. My first assignment is a 4th of July dedication event. I'll post links when it's published. My second assignment involves a meeting at the nuclear plant and I'll post links when it's published.

Forgiveness is letting go of the feelings associated with an offense or wrongdoing against us. This doesn’t absolve fault, but does free the forgiver from the chains of anger, hatred and vengeance. We all offend and are offended, so why is it sometimes difficult to forgive? Find out when you read my article, Free at last: I forgive you.

Being a parent can be daunting. Before you is a child you are expected to mold into a good citizen. One who will carry your legacy forward and use your examples as guidance to raise their own children. And if that's not enough pressure, you're raising them in a world that has turned good into bad and bad into good. The good news? You are not alone. There are many great examples to follow from within your life, family, circle of friends and community. Want to learn 3 ways to teach by example? Check out my article.

I have two more articles in editing at and more being written. Come back often or check out my current and past articles at my Pinterest boards.

I haven't made my appointment with the ranger. The children's summer schedule is a bit difficult to work around. I know I need to get it done so I can get the assignment in on time. Hope to find time next week.

I'm almost down to one bigfoot book. Then it'll be time to take all this information and outline my middle grade book.

I've received some pictures for Ten Little Gator Eggs. I'm hoping to choose the illustrator soon and get the ball rolling. I'm waiting on a few more choices and then I'll let you know who I choose. I'd like this book published by the beginning of next year.

Having more fun than one ought to reading, writing, submitting, researching and getting published.

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