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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back from North Carolina

Life was quiet, full of nature, flowers, trees and slow paced. Loved the time I spent in North Carolina. Take a look at what I saw from the back porch early one morning.

Now back to Florida life.

We arrived really late Wednesday night. Bruiser, a Chihuahua we rescued in November was very ill when we returned. We took him to our vet, Aventura Animal Hospital, and they decided he needed hospitalization. Blood work revealed he is heartworm positive. He tested negative in November, but must have had an early infection. So now, we're giving supportive care and helping him regain his strength so he can go through the heartworm treatment.

Here's Bruiser

"Passing through or live in Northeastern North Carolina? Want a place to take the kids they’ll be talking about for days? Then the Aurora Fossil Museum, in Aurora, North Carolina, is a must stop, even if you’re not interested in geology or paleontology. The museum hosts marine fossils from the Pleistocene, Pliocene and Miocene periods. Is Fido traveling with you? No problem, this is a pet friendly museum. Don’t forget to watch the 20 minute video about the local PotashCorp Mine that is “the most important source of Pliocene and Miocene fossils in the world,” according to the Aurora Fossil Museum’s website.

After visiting the museum, stop at the Pit of the Pungo and try your luck digging fossils for your very own collection. Weather or time not in your favor? That’s okay. Stop by the Digger’s Gift Shop, located within the museum and buy prefilled buckets of dirt enhanced to make sure you find the perfect fossil to add to, or start, your collection. Need gift ideas? The Digger’s Gift Shop sells on site or through their website.

Follow the Aurora Fossil Museum on FB and don’t forget to like the page so you don’t miss their next Fossil Festival and fossil raffles."

I discovered a submission that I didn't clean out when I was housecleaning. November, last year, I submitted "No Laughing Matter" to WD Short, Short Story Contest. I didn't receive an response. So it's considered--didn't place. Don't forget to get into their Short, Short Story Contest this November.

I have an appointment with South Dade Newsleader to, again, discuss possible employment and what happened to the articles I did write. My first paid article, "Free at last: I forgive you," will be up soon. It's in the final stages of preparation. I'm working on another article for They now have a new website with our articles translated into Portuguese, Check it out and share with your Portuguese speaking friends. All that is left to be back on tract is to contact the ranger about my controlled burn article for Assignment 8.

The back of my mind is bugging me. Many novels have been outlined, some started and they're bugging me to dig them out of obscurity. Need more time, but taxi mom, of five, has four children going three different ways in the morning and then picked up in the afternoon. Getting up earlier isn't working to gain any writing time since the characters aren't awake to tell me what to write.

Still reading Bigfoot books and loving the information. Hopefully this will help with my children's story that involves Bigfoot. I'm considering entering the Spoonful of Cheerios contest. Not 100% sure I can. Will have to contact them, but I've never been paid for anything written for children. I think I still qualify for this contest. Anyway...

Having more fun than one ought to reading, writing, submitting, researching, getting published and missing North Carolina life.

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