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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Yes, I'm still here

Since my last posts, I moved to North Carolina officially in January 2015. I live with my parents to help them through their golden years. I began a new job at Joy Junction Christian Day Care as a K-4 afternoon teacher. I have since moved to K-3. My book "Ten Little Gator Eggs" was translated into Spanish "Diez Huevitos de Cocodrilo". The translator didn't use true, schoolroom Spanish, but the spoken Spanish. I feel this was a better translation and more down to earth. It's now being translated into French, Louisiana Cajun style.

I remember that this book came about during a month-long challenge to write anything that comes to mind. This book, several articles, and a few short stories came from this as well. Most were published.

I signed up with the Humane Society of Eastern North Carolina as a volunteer. Would love to foster, but not in a situation to do so at this time.

I've decided to join a facebook page "My 500 Words" and get back into writing. My writing has been bugging me for months, even had a dream that I was trying to write, but couldn't get it all in the computer. (I begin all my writing by hand on scraps of paper or in my writing book, then I move it onto the computer when I feel it's time to revise.)

 So, here is my first day, officially, writing 500 words.  I've written a, sort of, prologue for "Second Chances: Blue Rose" (or should it be "The Blue Rose.) A lot has changed since I started in 2010. It's so different, that if you helped me in the past, you will notice some familiarity, but that's it. I hope this years-long edit is the final version. I'm ready to throw this book out the window.

There's a lot going on here in North Carolina. Last year's garden was so much work. My father's neurologist said he shouldn't garden, something he loves, because it hurt him to lean down to the ground. (The garden had pretty high rows, but that didn't help.) I had a hard time keeping up with the weeds and watering. It was so dry last year. So, Dad and I built an A-frame pallet garden and I built a aquaculture/aquaponics system.

Here are some pictures of the A-frame pallet garden. The first two are when we finished it, about mid May and the second two are about two weeks later.

Tomatoes on top, wax beans top two rows, green peppers next row, green beans next two rows, zucchini bottom row.
Tomatoes on top, wax beans top two rows, green peppers and broccoli next row, green beans next two rows, zucchini bottom row.

About two weeks after the above with wax and green beans growing.

The other side, again, about two weeks later with wax and green beans seeds planted.

Here are pictures of the aquaculture/aquaponics system.

It all started with this IBC tote
and became this. (Dad and Bruiser admiring the build)
My Mother's Day gift next to my system.

The system from the grow bed with the fire pit off to the right.

Grow bed planted with tomatoes and seeded with tomatoes and zucchini.

Sump with romaine lettuce and a bush tomato.

Roots of the bush tomato.

 This has been fun. Due to lack of time, I'm so busy with many things, that some stuff has gotten out of hand. Algae for one and a very slow build. To prevent mosquitoes, I have small fish in the system to eat them. Hope to add shellcracker and/or talipia soon. The fish hatchery hasn't been able to deliver my fish due to a broken down truck, so I guess I'll be picking them up when I can. Not sure If I'll try before I leave for Florida at the end of the month or if I'll get them after. Before would be better.

Okay, you're head is probably spinning with this cursory update. See you next week.

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