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Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm dusting off three more picture books. As you may have read here, in my author page-Facebook- or at the “Ten Little Gator Eggs” page, I'm submitting my work. Follow me here or on Facebook. I'll keep you informed about the progress of each story. You'll be the first, well second, Thom will be the first, to know what's going on with “Ten Little Gator Eggs” and then subsequently my other picture books. Look for their pages as they are created and follow them as well.

Here's some information about the other three picture books:

“Nature's Zoo” is about a young boy whose trip to the zoo is prevented due to a broken down car. Depressed with nothing to do, his mother suggests he find nature's zoo in the back yard. With the help of a bluebird and his band, the young boy discovers how much fun his back yard provides and dances until the sun sets.

“Grandpa's Cute and Fuzzy Farm” is about a young boy, Timothy, who visits his Grandfather on a nice spring day. Timothy plays outside on the farm and finds cute, fuzzy goslings, ducklings and chicks. As he attempts to touch each, their mother's attack him on his hand. Finally, he asks Grandpa if he has a cute and fuzzy animal that doesn't have a mother with a hard beak. Grandpa takes him to the barn and opens a stall with cute and fuzzy, beakless animals. Join Timothy as his days ends with fun and laughter.

“A Pet, A Pet”
What child doesn't ask for a pet? They'll ask and ask showing you different types of pets trying to find the one you'll accept in your home; something they can call their own. This is a story of a young child going through the list of wanted pets and proving responsibility by completing chores and improving school grades. Follow along and see if a pet enters this home.

Happy dusting and submitting.

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