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Friday, September 21, 2012

Please follow, share and like "Ten Little Gator Eggs"

Don't forget to follow, share and like "Ten Little Gator Eggs" facebook page. I read this to a summer camp a few years ago and they really got into the beat. I'd like for this to get around and let others know this book will soon be available for their bookshelves.

Follow Momma Alligator as she builds her nest
"Scrritch-scrratch, Scrritch-scrratch---dig!"
Lays her eggs
"One little, two little, three little gator eggs,"
Protects her nest
"Swoosh-whoosh, Swoosh-whoosh---guard!"
Carries her hatchlings to the water
"Ten little, nine little, eight little gators jump,"
and helps them find their first meal
"Crick-crack, Crick-crack---crunch!"

Have fun blogging, facebooking, web siting, twittering, and ect. (The marketing side of being an author)

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