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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Done

I finished Mary's prompt:

"Our prompt for October is a story challenge. I want a 500 word story with the title Orion Sky and a glimpse of the constellation.  Your challenge is to make that glimpse a plausible part of the story and to give the setting the unmistakable sense of 'fall'.    Five hundred words, yes, it needs beginning, middle, and end.   In the body of your email, please, no attachments.  You have until Halloween!  If you want to give it a Halloween twist you can, and you'll get extra points for that, but it's not required."

As I read the prompt, even today, I get the idea to write a nice, fluffy story about colored leaves falling gently to the ground. About piles of leaves ready for jumping in and scattering. About hot chocolate, rosy cheeks and lots of smiles. About brilliant stars against a dark curtain bringing thoughts of space travel and aliens. But when the story gets to my pen and onto the paper, well, I end up with death and destruction. Anyway, I'll post the story once it's posted in the newsletter. You can follow and learn a great deal at the Long Ridge Writer's Group's forum, Post a Note

The prompt ends October 31st and the stories should be in the November newsletters.

Now onto another story. I'm still trying to follow Ray Bradbury's recommendation to write and submit one story a week. Not quite there, but doing better.

Happy writing and submitting.

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