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Sunday, October 14, 2012

How's my writing going?

I'm back to researching for assignment 6. 

I wrote a story about our adoption of Meiko. I'll work on that off and on the next couple of weeks, present it to the "Lamplighters" and then get it ready for publication.

I'm considering taking Mary up on her challenge:

"Our prompt for October is a story challenge. I want a 500 word story with the title Orion Sky and a glimpse of the constellation.  Your challenge is to make that glimpse a plausible part of the story and to give the setting the unmistakable sense of 'fall'.    Five hundred words, yes, it needs beginning, middle, and end.   In the body of your email, please, no attachments.  You have until Halloween!  If you want to give it a Halloween twist you can, and you'll get extra points for that, but it's not required."

 I haven't worked on a challenge from her in awhile and I'm intrigued with this one. Curious to see my take. Will think about it before going to bed and let my subconscious work in it, so I'll definitely have pen and paper next to my bed the next few nights.

Happy researching and writing.

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