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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


the October prompt.

Picked up On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King. So far it's witty and interesting. Not liking some of his word choices so I'm trying to get past them so I can keep reading.

Going to spend the day getting regular everyday things caught up and then, if there's time, I'll continue working on assignment 6.

Waiting for a response from the publisher I wish to send Ten Little Gator Eggs. They have an update that their Editor left in 2010, but don't have their current editor and searching the web didn't really give me a specific name. I really don't want to send the cover letter with a generic salutation. After all we, the authors, and they, the editors/agents, are people who are more than just a nameless/faceless being.

Received my needed response, so Ten Little Gator Eggs has been submitted to Albert Whitman & Co. to Kristin Zelasko. There's a four month turn around time, so, once again, I ask for your help being patient.

Happy submitting, reading and writing.

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