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Saturday, June 8, 2013

In North Carolina packing and moving

my parents from their temporary rental to their rebuilt rental. The sun wakes me every morning about 6:30 am. I make my morning smoothie and sit on the porch and listen to the trees and swamp animals wake up to another day. The property has two ponds and I watch them come to life with dragon flies, flying fish, frogs and turtles.  A momma duck can be heard behind the brush. She's too shy to bring the little ones to the pond while I'm out. A rabbit carefully wanders to the edge of the forest to eat the tender grass and the flowers show off their brilliant colors in the morning sun. During a noon-time break I observed, I think, a Northern Watersnake. It was swimming out of the pond onto the grass in the backyard.

Another really beautiful site is the night sky. Brilliant stars, and so many, against a very black background demanded observation and I willingly gave in. The only constellation I've identified so far is the big dipper. Will have to check start charts and try to figure out what is here. At home the big dipper faces down and is in the front yard. Orion and his group of stars are in the back. I haven't found them here and am thinking I may not this time of the year since he's a winter star.

Tropical Storm Andrea graced us with a visit, lots of needed rain and high winds. Both ponds are now full. (lack of rain had them low) The frogs sang praises for the rain and, that evening, called out for their mates and a bit of night-time fun. Tadpoles coming soon.

I was unable to get with the ranger about controlled burns, Assignment 8, in the Everglades before we left, so I'll try again when we return. The South Dade Newsleader was supposed to run my articles, but I can't seem to find them. Will have to check on them when I return as well. I finished the article for Rover's North, at least as much as I can until the Florida Land Rover Club answers my questions and supplies me with some pictures I need.

I wrote another article for I'll submit it as soon as I am able to print and submit the Independent Contributors paperwork. I am now on their payroll. The internship, only four months, worked out great as they like my work and asked me to come on board.

My chastity article is up and ready to read. Check it out and if you like it, please like it at the article page and share it with your friends and family. More articles coming. As stated I finished one and am working on another. Will keep you updated.

I visited Bath, NC on Tuesday, the 4th, with Inspector Meiko Luv. Hopefully we have some great pictures and can finish a children's book, middle grade, about it's history. I was able to talk to an archeologist that was working on a dig. It was very interesting. I hope the children enjoy that part of the book as much as I enjoyed discussing his project.

We then went to Aurora, NC and visited a the Fossil Museum. We had a great time walking through the dog friendly museum and then digging for fossils. We found some interesting pieces. I didn't take very many pictures, but know Inspector Meiko Luv and I will return so we can write another story. It was too late in the day. This time about Aurora.

Some contests to consider:
Kindergarten story: Exploration! Write up to 150 words. Contest ends July 12th, 2013.
Pockets Annual Fiction Contest Write 750 - 1,000 words. Contest ends August 15th, 2013.

Heading for bed, Inspector Meiko Luv is demanding I join him for tonight's slumber.

Having more fun than one ought to reading, writing, submitting, researching and getting published.

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