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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

diyMFA Book Club, Prompt #9: Try a New Technique, Part 4

This was the second week and I thought I failed. Read on and you'll see that I was wrong. Not so much as stuff got in the way, but life got in the way. See my blog post, Prompt # 2 diyMFABook Club. I knew it was coming and had adjusted the goal sheet to accommodate my expected surgery. I thought I'd made adjustments that considered problems, etc. This is where I failed.

My plan for last week was Monday's update. (That was accomplished) But that was the end of that. My INR (blood clotting indicator) came back high (5.9)  in my pre-op bloodwork. A lot happened at once. My biggest worry? My surgery, the surgery I've been needing, wanting, waiting for, since November 2016 was on the chopping block. I had to go in Tuesday for repeat testing. (they couldn't find the order and I was there for what seemed like forever, as they tried to find it or get another.)

After my bloodwork, I had a gastroenterology appointment. The next step in regaining my heath and understanding the changes that are going on in my body. (I was a healthy person until October 2016. Haven't been since)  The doctor requested two tests, an MRI of my abdomen with and without contrast triple phase and a PIPIDA Nuclear Scan with Gallbladder Ejection Fraction (also known as a HIDA Scan). A week later, I'm still waiting for these to be scheduled. (update: both are scheduled next week)

I came home, distraught the pain in my chest was possibly not getting fixed that week and what was I going to do. I'd been suffering from it for so long and losing the chance to eliminate the pain was more than I could handle. I curled up with a book, TruthStone by Mike Shelton and waited. for the results.

Tuesday evening, they called and said the results were safe enough to do the surgery, so it was done. Still, don't know the second results. But that's of no concern. I was looking forward to my needed surgery. The surgery on the other hand...

Pre-op went great. Somewhere between the prep room and the surgical room I was out. I woke from the surgery in great pain. Pain the pain pills didn't help with once their concoction wore off. I couldn't move without extreme pain and as time continued it became difficult to breathe, talk, and eat. I stopped eating and talked as little as possible. Breathing was shallow and worried me because I had pneumonia twice in the past. (Been coughing since removal of the tube, but lungs are clear. [I know this because yesterday I went to the ER, on recommendation of the nurse, based on symptoms])

They tried to get me out of bed, but it was so painful I had to immediately return to the bed. I even tried to use the bathroom during the night. (I was hoping I would be better since it had been more than 12 hours since the surgery) No go. The pain was too much. (I hate using the bedpan)

Thursday morning they talked about sending me home. I told them I refused to go home until they could stop the pain.  When the doctor came by, he said the pain could be from the drainage tube and that would be removed later in the day.

Thursday afternoon, they removed the tube and it was like night and day. I could breathe, move around, and use the bathroom. I was happy to go home. I was tender, but pain meds worked. (Big smile to no pain)

The cyst was not what the doctor expected and he warned me the removal may not end my chest pain as expected. It's too soon to determine. But, pain meds in the past didn't help and right now, they're helping. I have an appointment next week and expect to find out its cancer status. (always have to worry about this as cancer and heart disease are my genectic nemesis)

I did not fail #9 as I first thought. I was able to Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, and Build my Community. I may not have hit specific goals but I did hit each category. I missed the Top Priority goal: Publish Blue Rose. I didn't touch the manuscript last week. My goal this week is to resume Prompt #9 and get back on track. To fight for my reality and push all interference away. Setting goals now, despite the? Pain. Discomfort. Confusion. Desire for normalacy. (normalacy of a 20 year old? 30 year old? 50 year old? my age? Working on that)

This week I will work toward continuing Prompt #9 so I can move onto Prompt # 10 and so on. I'm eager to continue with the diyMFA bookclub, Word Nerds Unite. You can too. It's never too late. This can be done at any time in your writing career but should be done ASAP to keep you from making many of the common mistakes. Want to join 500+ authors on Facebook as we 'Word Nerds Unite' and participate in this challenge? It's never too late. Even after the fact. Click here.  While you're here, check out the live, and not so live, broadcasts.

On your way, please stop by and friend my FaceBook pages Ten Little Gator Eggs, Botanical Aquaponics and Second Chances: Blue Rose

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diyMFA by Gabriela Pereira, Jacquelyn Mitchard
Time and Again by Jack Finney

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