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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Assignment 4 and some important things to watch for

I turned Assignment 4 over for editing. It came back in need of some changes. Always amazing when I turn in, what I think is my best, and find out my best comes after the editor. Thank you Mick.

I've been to many websites and this is truly a common problem for 'do it yourselfers' Check this out and then check out your webpage to ensure there aren't any of these common mistakes:

Common webpage errors

Talked to Children's Gallery & Arts Center about illustrating my picture book Ten Little Gator Eggs I love the fresh, innocent art style of children. Looks like this book is finally on its way toward publication. Watch here for updates and check them out Children's Gallery & Arts Center

Happy writing, revising and submitting.


Nan said...

Hi Dennise,
Am now following this blog and am enjoying it. I'm so glad that you thought of the Children's Gallery to illustrate your book (s) as I just love the children's work and perspective on things.
Have fun with all that you're doing and please let me know if you begin writer's classes. Michael is writing every day about one or more of our cats.

Dennise Sleeper said...

Thank you. The idea's been bugging me for months. Finally did something about it.

Definitely will keep you updated.