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Monday, April 2, 2012

Talk about negligence

I've been pushing myself so hard to finish revising 'Second Chances' that I haven't been doing much of anything else.

Saturday, I received back Assignment 3 with great ideas. The recommendations are for tightening and making it pithier. I was too busy tutoring to even look at my book.

Sunday, was conference and it was wonderful. Then I found out my parents were visiting my sister, so I hi-tailed it up there and spent a wonderful evening with them and my sister's new daughter. I know it was a bit much, but my parents live too far away to get in the car and visit on a whim. I had planned on letting her settle in before inundating her with myself and our children. Anyway, the evening was great.

Now to start on Assignment 4. My instructor really wants me to write an article of 750-1500 words. Although she recommends writing the 500 work article about the weather, I'm getting the impression she'd rather I turned in a longer article for my assignment. So, I'll do the weather article on the side and write an article that's been pushing to get out anyway.

She recommends I read 'The Essentials of English'. At a quick glance it appears to be similar to 'The Elements of Style'.

Happy writing and wish me luck with my research and getting my article done by the 30th.

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