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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've been reading

Telling True Stories: A Nonfiction Writers' Guide from the Nieman Foundtion at Harvard University. The information is great for fiction as well. I love this quote I read today: "Good writing is far too complex to get right in one draft or two or five. Great writers are most often plain ol' writers who go the extra mile and then a few more." in the chapter Introduction  by Mark Kramer and Wendy Call.

and this one

"I have to write crap before I can write anything that is not crap, says Walt Harrington." He's been writing for over thirty years. No wonder my first drafts are a mess.

Did some minor adjustments to the wma for our project. Still waiting for a response from my partners.

Not sure if I'll get anything done with Second Chances. Yesterdays plan didn't work out as we found three mockingbird chicks. They'd fallen through their nest. Mama must be a new mom. Nest was poorly built. We'll  be their surrogate parents until they're ready for release.

Happy writing, revising and revising and revising, reading and learning.

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