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Friday, June 22, 2012

Research and life

Still researching for Assignment 6. Received notice back from my instructor about Assignment 5. I've been given permission to continue with Assignment 6. Yes! Ms. Clayton says this is a "wonderfully imaginative idea." So, I'm going to continue running with it.

I've had the tropics interfering a bit with my research and I still have eight days of blog to research. It takes me 2-5 days for each day of the blog depending on the time I have between customers. I'm glad Assignment 6 is not due until August 7th. I'm afraid I may have to ask for an extension. I have a thick piece of leather and it's going to take me a bit to soften it enough to sew it into a great story.

In the meantime, pray the tropics send their rains to Texas, they need it and we've been drowned these past few days.

Have fun researching, monitoring, praying, or whatever needs done the next few days.

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