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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Assignment 3

Yesterday I worked on Assignment 3. I decided to re-read the assignment particulars. I updated my Article Plan. (somewhere I read that those who received A's on their outlines in high school produced their outlines after their essay was written. Made sense, so I decided to confirm my Article Plan followed the story well and confirmed the story followed the Article Plan as well. I didn't want to get off track) As part of Assignment 3 I confirmed my 'slant' and tore apart 3. I'm pretty happy with what I have re-written. I need to decide if I want to add dialogue or let it be the way it is written. Both are acceptable, but I need to know what I want. Since the answer isn't coming, I'm going to continue editing the present version and consider the addition of dialogue.

In my re-read I discovered a recommendation not to get ahead, but to be patient for your teachers advice. I'm waiting for Assignment 2 to come back so that I can continue with Second Chances, and to apply what is said to Assignment 3 as I did with Assignments 1 and 2, so maybe I'll think of something else to write or do some critiquing. Choices, choices, choices. So many so that I have forgotten to walk before I run and fall.

Happy writing.

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