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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wrapping up

Spent yesterday between my anthology entrant, Three Brother's Tot, and researching Assignment 4. I'm planning on working on a piece for an ezine having to do with weather. Hopefully with my instructor's help, I'll have a piece worth publishing. (my goal for this year.)

I also critiqued a really good story for a friend. Hope she gets it published. Want to check it out? Click here

Today I'm finishing up my touches to Three Brother's Tot and heading the warnings of Bob Ross not to over touch my piece.

Okay, Three Brother's Tot, is squeezing its way through the internet and my hopes of seeing in published in the anthology are high. Not holding my breath since the announcement doesn't come until the 17th of March, 2012.

Next week, Finishing touches Assignment 3 and researching for Assignment 4.

Happy writing.

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