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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So much in so little time

I'm excited and concerned about the looming deadline. I usually choose writing projects that don't have deadlines or have them fairly far in the future, but this story is right up my alley and therefore I took the challenge. I've finished my worksheets yesterday and the first draft today. Now for the fun part. Adding, subtracting, changing and recreating, after I let the it sit and check on my polish of Assignment 2. 

It's late and I'm going home. Assignment 2 is polished as best as I can. Now to send it off for the instructor to evaluate. I'll put Assignment 2 up, both the first and final, as soon as I've sent it off.

The rest of the week will be devoted to the Three Billy Goats Gruff challenge. 

In the meantime,

Happy writing.

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