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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tired, but exhilerated

Didn't get anything done for writing yesterday. Was busy trying to get end of the month stuff done.

Woke up early this morning with an excellent story for my version of Three Billy Goats Gruff. I wrote it down and now I'll research some needed parts and mull over the story. Hopefully it'll be ready to write in the computer soon. I don't have very long and it seems to take me so long to get something written. I'm hoping this one doesn't. Maybe I'll learn something that will help me when I'm truly under a deadline. Anyway, the story is getting into my process and that's an  important step.

Hope to accomplish more today.

Happy writing.


Landolphe D'Aquin said...
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Landolphe D'Aquin said...

Some of our best ideas come in the night time dream state and in the few seconds immediately before waking. It's a good idea to keep pen and paper handy on the nightstand, as most such ideas and images are fleeting, ie, not coded into longer-term memory

Spellbound said...

Yes, I have a book, but sometimes the fleeting is gone before the brain is awake enough to know to grab the pen and paper.