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Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday was a busy day

The girls were selling at their yard sale raising money for camp. Had to be at the church at 6 am. Our son was selling camp cards for his camp. I was exhausted from getting up so early. Both finished about noon. So I dropped them off at their various next places, babysitting, helping at at a fair, etc and went home to rest.

When my husband was done with his work day we went refrigerator shopping. Found the one we wanted and managed to get it home and in place by about 11 pm. Long day.

We went up yesterday, after church, to help my sister and her husband with their car. It seems to be on the blink and since my husband specializes in electrical problems, it was right up his alley.

Today, I'm still tired and still depressed. Still not interested in writing. I tried to make some adjustments to a piece on the way up to my sisters, but couldn't find the desire. Frustrating. Had a piece I've worked on for almost a year and thought I had it ready. Decided to put a four line segment up on a blog. Well, that was a mistake. Found out how poor of a writer I am. Didn't help my ego nor my desire to get back into writing. Going to set out for a bit until Assignment 2 gets back. Hopefully it'll have some great ideas for improvement, or better yet, let me know I am a good writer and give me back my desire to continue.

Until then, happy writing.

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