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Monday, March 12, 2012

Had a wonderful weekend

Saturday I decided I had enough of work. I left our 18 year old in charge of the store, purchased the necessary items to clean my canister filter and went home and cleaned the tank. I also picked up a yellow tang for our saltwater tank. We promptly named him 'Scooter'. On his way home, my husband picked up some guppies and platies.

Sunday I relished in the fact the fish were still alive. I always worry about the first 24 hours. Had a wonderful time with my Sunday School class and baked chocolate chips cookies for our family and a friend and  our 'Sleeper Family' Blueberry Cake for ourselves and another friend.

Today, I'm reading, for the third time, 'On Writing Well' by William Knowlton Zinsser. I've found it extremely helpful to have his words floating around my head before I start writing. My next assignment will be a short 500 word article about rain. My teacher part is coming into this one and I'm going to outline a science project to make it rain in a jar. We've acquired a large jar of pickles. As soon as the jar is empty, I'll prepare it for the experiment so I can use the results for the article. I'll also use it for our children as, I'm sure, they'll enjoy a little science.

By the way, the book, 'Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers' by Grant Naylor finally took off at about the 10th chapter. I hate having to put it down to go to work or bed. I'm glad I stuck in there and continued to read. I'm now in part 2 chapter 2.

In the meantime Happy Reading and/or Writing.

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