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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday update

Yesterday my husband stopped by and that was the end of blogging, writing, etc.

I spent most of Friday reviewing a website for a newsletter, wrote up the review and sent it on its way. Then I worked on the Picture Book that came to mind a few days ago. It's coming along. I also worked on the second scene in my novel Second Chances. I'm really excited about this novel. I expect to have it ready for submission late this year or early next year.

Today, I'll spend as much of it I can between the Picture Book and Second Chances. Next week I'm helping out a friend, so I'm not sure how much will be done toward my writing. Probably mostly reading. I've a few books I want to finish anyway.

Happy writing.

Well, I blew it. Decided to download Much Ado About Nothing and it's taking forever. Getting into 2 hours and the computer claims I have a great connection. Before I started this I did get the second scene of Second Chances ready for me to listen, but I can't as the computer is tied up. So I am doing a bit of updating at various sites on this computer and cleaned, a bit, around this place. I'm leaving at 6, my husband will run the store, so I can take the children to Kendall for talk by an Area Authority. Nothing more will be done today.

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