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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Okay, I took the day off

from writing, but spent a great deal of time in the kitchen with our oldest daughter. What a wonderful time we had and the meal was perfect. The family had a great time and the food was the best.

I found a challenge you might be interested trying.

Galley Cat--Write a short story only using the 1,000 most common words. From their site:

"The Up-Goer Five Text Editor will limit your vocabulary to the 1,000 most popular words in the English language. See the complete list at this link. The site was inspired by this xkcd cartoon that explained space travel using the simplest possible vocabulary."

The text editor will not allow you to use any other word. Check it out here:

Want to know the words? Check them out here:

This is tempting. Will have to see if I have time.

I've also started rounding up the stories. Trying to decide whether or not I should revise them. I'm pretty sure I will since most were 2-3 years ago and before I took the writing course.

Wrote some musings I think I'll include in the ebook.

Happy writing, revising and creating your book.

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