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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Orion Sky

is published in the newsletter so it's time to share it with you. Maximum 500 words, this story comes in at 495. With no further ado, here's "The Orion Sky"

Mary paced, agitation growing each time the short distance between walls required her to turn. Like a caged tiger, her muscles begged for the freedom outside her imprisonment. Her feet, raw and bleeding from the constant motion and attempts to escape, sent pain up her calves into her thighs. Mentally, she once again prepared to leap to the lone, open, barred window located about ten feet above the floor.

The metallic stench of fresh and old blood filled the small room and stuck to her tongue with each breath. She stopped momentarily to test the strength of the forming blood-bond. She shivered from the cool autumn air snaking in the window and slithering down the valleys created by the adjoining

She smiled and leaned against the opposite wall. Breathing deeply, she fought nausea and prepared to run the four feet. She ignored her tired muscles, squatted and relished in the explosion of her calves and thighs. Her hands stuck to the sill and her feet to outcropping rocks. Pushing upward and inward, she ignored the pain as her arms scraped against the rough surface. The
bars, her target, were deep in the opening and she wanted to grab them before the blood-bond broke.

Yes! She hung, her hands clamped on the cold bars, her breathing fast and shallow and her feet slipping from fresh oozing blood. Determined, she ignored her body's complaints over the lack of sleep, meager meals, and blood loss. Shear will helped her pull until her chest rested on the sill. One by one she greeted her friends located within the Orion Constellation.

"Betelgeuse, how are you my friend? Are you ready?"

"Bellatrix, how beautiful you are. It's almost time."

Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, my young friends, time to stop playing and get ready."

"Salph, I hope I find you well."

Rigel, my bright friend, ready to get things moving?"

Her laughter ricocheted off the trees, buildings and expanded toward the heavens. The cool
autumn breeze shook the paper-dry leaves and chilled her face and chest as it further entangled her matted, golden hair.

"You thought to stop the prophesies by locking me in this cell," she shouted to the empty streets.

Mary watched with exhilaration as the townspeople, uncertain, exited their homes and businesses.

"Behold the Heavens," she commanded the people and then raised her voice to the
constellation, "Orion the Hunter, it's time to rid the Earth of all beasts."

Shaky gasps and exclamations of fear and wonder flew toward the heavens. The diamond ring-like brilliant display of Bellatrix's super nova and the foretold comet passing through the ring completed the wedding vows and stories of old.

Silent fear erupted into a loud roar that shook the earth to its very core. The walls freed Mary
and the stars went out. The last words the living heard and felt were these: "Welcome to the end of the world," followed by Mary's cackle.

And fire spread, consuming everything in its path.

As I stated, this is not a fluffy story. Happy reading.

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