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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Submission "Ten Little Gator Eggs"

I submitted "Ten Little Gator Eggs" to Adams Literary Agency. I submitted via of an online form. I like online forms and email because these types of submissions use less paper.

I'm still working on the Galley Cat challenge. I'm writing the story and then I'll make the adjustments to using only the common words. The list is too long to write using the words first. I've looked it over and I have a general idea of the what will be close so that hopefully I'll only have a few changes. I really like that their text box highlights the words that aren't on the list. When it's finished, I'll post it here.

I haven't done much with assignment 6 since I finished the research. I really need to get back to that. I'm not doing well getting a manuscript finished in a given time frame. Can't get into the habit of missing deadlines.

I've completed my list of previous manuscripts. I plan to revise, if necessary, and read them at the Lamplighters Meeting. I haven't decided which site--Wattpad or Smashwords to upload the book as I prepare it for submission.

I want to work more on writing with greater emotion. I feel my writing has a tendency to be dry in this area. I'm pretty sure that will be cured if I read more.

Happy reading, writing and submitting.

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