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Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm done :)

I finished my writing sample for They asked for 600 - 1000 words. My article is 870 words. Now to find out if they are going to continue giving the assignments or if they are going to allow me to write whatever in the categories they wish to cover.
They're asking for 20 articles each month, so I need to get started soon to meet their goal. I'll try to be patient as I don't want to write whatever and find out I've wasted my time.

No other writing was accomplished today, but I did mull around a story. Need to get it on paper soon since it's about to get lost. (been thinking it over for about a week now)

At the author's meeting with the "The Lamplighters" Harriet gave me the greatest idea for a title for the story--'Do You Even Have a Clue?'. It was the ninth story I wrote and posted on, a writing community. I'm including it in my ebook Short, Shorter, Shortest

I read a really good story the other day. Here's a link so that you too may enjoy this heartwarming story.
Hunting with Orion. Take a read and cheer him on. He's entered it in the Micro Award contest.

Happy writing, revising and submitting. May the contest be in your favor.

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