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Monday, January 30, 2012

Love the results for Assignment 2

Assignment 2 was read by a friend and returned with some really wonderful ideas. I tore it apart, limb from limb and put it back together minus a few pieces. It looks great. I think it's ready for polishing.

I didn't get anywhere with Assignment 3. Husband and daughter were sick. Left them at home while attending church. Made a simple meal and went to bed early. Needed the sleep, so, all in all, I benefited.

Today I finished reading the other two stories to help with Assignment 3. I read some more of the assignment particulars and love what I've read. Have a great idea on the slant recommended for the piece. Man I love this writing course. Will mull over the slant before I start on the worksheet.

Received my feedback for Assignment 1. Ms. Clayton has given me some great suggestions and said some wonderful things about the piece-"which was an excellent first piece of writing for this course." and "were able to hand in a very superior piece of writing." Wow, she said that bout my writing.

I'm going to read the recommended reading and pay close attention to the suggestions. They might be useful for Assignment 2.

The newsletter from Long Ridge Writer's Group has a challenge from Writing 4 Charity to write up to 7500 words based on or inspired by Three Billy Goats Gruff. I'm really excited by this challenge because I've been considering this very thing. At least with other fairy tales.

Happy writing.

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