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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Submission and Rejection

I received a form rejection letter from Boyds Mills Press for "Ten Little Gator Eggs". It came a month earlier than expected. Sort of makes the waiting easier. I'll continue moving onwards and upwards.

Submitted the story of Meiko's adoption, "This is the Dog". We adopted him August 2012 and he's definitely one of the best dogs I've had the honor to own. Here's the link to the story , but if you want to read it here, it's below. I don't like the way it formatted on their site. I followed their directions and I didn't copy and paste. I added it by hand and it still came out wrong. Oh well, the story is still true.

Submitted a writing sample to "10 Ways to Show Love to Your Children" is 870 words. Not sure how long it will take them to get back with me. If you remember, this submission is for a position as a freelance writer for the website. Wish me luck.

Thank you for your support.

Happy writing, submitting and waiting.

This is the Dog!
                “I need another dog,” I told my husband, Thom.
                “I’m not ready,” he responded.
                Toby, our 12 year old 125 lb merle Great Dane, Had died about 6 months ago. I still miss him, but I was ready for another dog. Until his death, I hadn’t been without a dog in 32 years and I was feeling the hole he left.
                Our last three dogs had been rescued Danes and I decided I needed a smaller dog this time. Trying to help Toby get around, toward the end, was as taxing on me as it was on him. I decided to adopt in the 15 – 20 lb range.
                I chose This is the Dog!,, an animal adoption agency located in Homestead, Florida, because I was familiar with many of their foster parents and volunteers and they had a dog that caught my interest. I sent them an email and on August 3rd I attended their adoption day at PETCO. There were many adoptable dogs available, but I couldn’t find the one I’d been watching on facebook.
                When I saw Meeko (now Meiko), a 3 year old blue and white long-haired Chihuahua, I knew I’d
found my next dog. I had my picture taken with him and sent it to Thom and then went to This is the Dog!’s representative and asked for an appointment to meet him in his foster home. (He was too skittish and didn’t show well at the shop)
                Thom’s remark at seeing the picture was expected. “No, I don’t want a Chihuahua.”
                My response was expected as well. “This is my dog and we’ll get you your poodle when you’re ready.”
                Meiko had been locked in a crate and hidden among bushes on the side of the road. He wasn’t discovered the first night they heard his crying pleas. A thorough search was conducted when his crying was heard again the next day in the same area. He had gone at least one night without food and water. His neck and upper body was covered with scabs and his hair was matted about his neck. Fearful and unsure, he met us barking as we entered his foster home. He remained in Thom’s arms, his long neck stretched as far away as possible and looked as if he’d leap if he dared.
                Thom continued to hold him as we discussed his temperament with his foster mom. We wanted to know if he’d fit in with our daughter’s 12 year old English Shepherd, Jake, and the two cats. It was decided he’d meet the rest of the family, in our home, later in the week.
                Thom handed me Meiko and said, “Never mind the poodle. This is the dog I want.”
                It was difficult to wait for Meiko to meet Jake, and the cats. Horchata, our white DSH, met us at the door. We set Meiko down, they sniffed and Horchata, bored, walked away. I hadn’t realized how small Meiko really was until he stood next to him. Horchata towered over him. Later we discovered he’s 3 times Meiko’s weight.
                Meiko then walked over to Jake sleeping in his usual place under the dinner table. Jake looked up, sniffed Meiko, sighed and went back to his nap.
                Kikyo, our DLH, refused to leave the high ground and stared at him with her large gold eyes glowing against her black coat. Meiko acknowledged her existence with a sniff and continued to explore.
                Saturday, August 18th, Meiko joined our family and, in less than 8 hours, broke the number one rule of our home—no one, human or animal, sleeps with Daddy and Mommy. (He’s been there ever since)

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