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Saturday, December 29, 2012

I've been negligent again.

I received a NurtiBullet for Christmas and started a blog that discusses my trials and tribulations to a healthier eating lifestyle.  So I've been a bit negligent with this site.

I've worked off and on these past few days on Assignment 6. Mostly going over the research and pulling out what I want to discuss. The written word is a disorganized mess. I'm sure once I have all I want to say down on paper, the fun will begin when I organize it into a readable piece.

Purchased some seeds to plant a small garden. Maybe I'll write a short piece about that too. I love gardening, but have found it difficult here. Mostly because I can't spend too much time in the backyard due to allergies and watering is often forgotten and Hurricane Wilma took our water pump.

Happy reading and writing.

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