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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Great Site for Information

I love Writer's Digest. They have lots of articles pertinent to authors-published and unpublished. Here's a really good article covering some of their popular2012  articles. I've found their books to be wonderful for getting me through many areas I need increased help and information. Check out their collections (a new one each month), their shop, live webinars, and critique and editing services. They've even taken their years of experience helping authors become published and have their own publication service--Abbott Press. Many services and books are on sale for a few more days. Stop by their website, check them out and don't forget to look into their contests. If you remember, I discussed the importance of using contests as a stepping stone in your writing career.

Ready for a challenge? Check out The First Line Literary Journal. When I'm blocked or want to write something different than my muses are pushing to get onto paper, I love writing stories from a "first line" perspective. (You'll see some first line stories in my ebook as discussed here)

The new year is upon us. Set your writing goals, get out of the holiday mood and get back to writing.

Happy researching, writing, submitting and getting published. This is our year.

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