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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and Here's to Publications

I've learned a lot this year. Even had some publications between August and December. One paying and the others out there for your reading pleasure.

I've set my goals for 2013. Have you? I really think this is important for me as I don't leave home and go to an office to write. I write when I can between my motherly and wifely duties. I'm presently working on assignment 6. It is due the end of January.

I've found a few contests and challenges to consider. One site that's great for lists of contest and challenges and just plain submissions is Duotrope. Check them out. Don't forget to use your usual search engine as you'll find lots out there. And most of all, pick up the 2013 markets from Writer's Digest. Some local libraries may have copies, but I use my books so much I don't want to share. So, I get my own copy.

Want some help with editing services? I know I promised some recommendations. I'm working on them. Here are some sites that offer author services. None of which I've checked out yet, but maybe you can and let us all know. CreateSpace, Writer's Digest, (there are many sections to search for your type of editing needs. Check them all out. I've linked you to only one of them) and a local writing group (I'm told authors eventually outgrow their local groups, etc, but I haven't yet)

Here's to writing and publication in 2013.

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