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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Writing, submitting and Holiday preparations

I've added a couple more paragraphs to "Rage of a Storm. Lots of research to go through as these paragraphs unfold on the paper. Assignment 6 is coming along nicely.

Submitted "Ten Little Gator Eggs" and "Grandpa's Farm" to the Sheldon Fogelman Agency I must have spent at least an hour deciding which one to send between the three that are out there (they accept no more than two manuscripts).

I decided on "Grandpa's Farm" so that two styles of writing would be sent. "Ten Little Gator Eggs" is a rhyming story and "Grandpa's Farm" is prose. Leaving "Nature's Zoo" out of this submission was hard since the children I read it to a couple of summers ago asks for a re-read. They loved dancing with the little boy.

And, yes, "Ten Little Gator Eggs" is close to my heart. If you remember Rubin Pfeffer of East West Literary Agency told me, at a SCBWI conference, "Ten Little Gator Eggs" was agent ready, but he was not taking on any new authors.

How are your holidays coming. We decorated our tree last night. Our home smells and looks like Christmas.
Happy writing, revising, submitting and preparing for your holiday celebrations.

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