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Friday, January 4, 2013

Submission, Writing and a Recommended Editor

Submitted "Grandpa's Farm" to The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. Don't forget to check out their resources tab.

I chose "Grandpa's Farm" because this story seems to fit The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agencies style. I chose this agency because they work with their authors and help with many types of publications including movies. I feel authors should consider paper, digita--ebooks, readers and interactive, audio and video publication. I submitted to Jennifer De Chiara because she's interested in picture books.

I have half of assignment 6, "Rage of a Storm", done. Want to have it finished for author's group by next Wednesday.

Recommended editor
I've used editinghelp twice for my picture books. I submitted "Ten Little Gator Eggs" to see if she really knows children's books. I figured since Rubin Pfeffer put his seal of approval on the manuscript there couldn't be too much that needed changing. I then submitted "Grandpa's Farm" as its not been edited and I want to continue submitting it. I'll continue to use her for my picture books. Her prices are standard, but great for very short pieces as most editors want a minimum and she isn't asking for one.

I'm working with another editor for article length pieces. I'll write up that recommendation after I submit another piece. So far I'm impressed.

Took a break and went to the Delray Beach Thursday, yesterday. I sat on the beach and read a book on article writing and watched the girls toss a football in the ocean. We later ate at a really good pizza restaurant. All in all it was a really nice break from the norm and a great way to relax.

Happy submitting, writing, reviewing and just plain having fun.


Nan said...

Many blessings, Dennise.
I love that you're doing what you love and are keeping at it every day.

Dennise Sleeper said...

Thank you so much for your support. I'm so glad I made my goal of being published in 2012. Now I'm striving to get at least one of my picture books slotted for publication. They've been ready for too long and left to collect dust while I worked on my writing to prove I was worth publishing. Now that I've had something published every month since August 2012, I know it is time.