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Saturday, May 12, 2012

How can contests help authors submission chances?

Use Contests as a Stepping Stone, is an excellent article by C. Hope Clark, published May 8th 2012. I also receive a regular email from her Funds for Writers and she lists contests there as well.

C. Hope writes,

"I learned that contest submissions are read in greater depth than slush-pile queries to publishers and agents. That alone should motivate you to submit. And rather than butting up against an editorial assistant, your work is critiqued by serious writers, agents and editors serving as judges"

In the past I've given you a few contests.Excited to check out more contests? There are many sites that let you know about contests. Here's the latest one I've found the Writer MagazineFreelance Writing , Poets & Writers , Be a Better Writer , Writers - Editors and many more.

Yesterday I finished my 200 words for Assignment 5 and my synopsis.

I've spent the day doing stuff I wanted and then I went to work and started my research for magazines to query Assignments 5 & 6. As you can see above, I've had quite an enlightening evening. I've been deciding on what piece to send to what contest. I even found one or two for this assignment. Still need to find some magazines. A fellow student gave me a site DuoTrope for finding magazines in the fiction, non-fiction or poetry and then in the genre or category. A pretty sizable list was found. I'll begin researching them next week.

One of the biggest things I accomplished is to get back with the Children's Gallery and Art Center  and discuss the illustrations for my children's picture book. (I'm sitting here with a big smile that this book is on it's next leg toward publication) Watch for my announcement of it's very own facebook page.

To all the mother's and mother's to be, Happy Mother's Day.

Happy writing, researching, submitting and/or entering.

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