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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I did it, I did it, I did it.....

If you remember, back in December I submitted an article to a website that was looking for freelance writers. They requested a writing sample between 600-1000 words about how to show love to your children. I submitted "10 Ways to Show Love to Your Children" on December 1st to, what is now called, (they changed their name shortly after launching)

Yesterday I received a request to join their team and I said, "Yes." Today I received the information needed to get started. I'm still excited and wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight. I'll keep you updated as I start my next writing, and learning, experience.

I finished the book: "Huck: The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family--and a Whole Town--About Hope and Happy Endings"

How many parents have heard the cry from their children? 'I want a dog. or I want a pet.' This wonderful story has you on an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end.

First we learn the many ways Michael, the son, attempts to cajole his parents into allowing him to grow up with a dog. His parents, steadfast in their belief there is no room for the responsibilities of a dog in their busy New York City lives.

Second we learn his mother, Janet, has breast cancer and decides a dog is just what he/they need to help their recovery from the strain of surgery and cancer treatments.

Finally, they decide to take a family trip to Florida and leave Huck, their now eight month old pup, with Janet's sister. Within twenty-four hours, Huck manages to escape the backyard and finds himself running around in unfamiliar territory surrounded by the cold of winter, heavily wooded areas, birds of prey, fox, bears and such.

This story will keep you on the edge of your seat as you cry, fear and worry through their attempts to find their beloved pet. I wanted to scream at Huck for not coming when called and at the family for forgetting Huck's favorite foods. I laughed and cried happy tears when they finally had him in their arms.

The best lesson learned by the family was the compassion and willingness of a small town to help total strangers connect with their lost puppy. A must read for all animal lovers and especially those adamant a dog/pet is not for them.

I'm now reading: "A Familiar Rain" by John Geddes. Will review it when I'm done. Give me time, because now I have the additional responsibility of writing for

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