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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing, writing, writing, reading

I finished my fourth draft of "Rage of a Storm" yesterday. I finished my first draft of a first line prompt from The First Line. Many of my first writings were from contests on FanStory that used first lines. You'll see them in my upcoming ebook.

Here's a great article I picked up from twitter to help with your decisions about smaller agenting and publishing companies. You might even consider following their blog.

Ever wonder where your thoughts come from? I have great difficulty communicating sometimes. I know it's word choices, but the choices work for me, not the recipient with whom I'm communicating. I have such a forgetful nature that many times I'll choose an uncommon word instead of one everyone knows. For instance, the other day, I asked for compensation for damaged good I received from poor packaging. The seller seemed to ignored my request. When I gave the seller negative feedback, the complaint was she didn't think I needed a response and hadn't ask for anything. After several emails, the seller agreed to a refund. I wanted to hit my head. Why didn't my brain come up with refund in the first place. There would not have been any confusion. The word compensation came to me, I wrote it and continued. I knew I wanted a full refund which included shipping. So why didn't those words come to me? And why didn't I catch that compensation might not be the best choice in words? That's why all my writing I send to agents and publishers is passed through my editor first. At least the editor can unscramble my thoughts and help me send out manuscripts that don't confuse.

Another thing about my thoughts is where did that story come from. If you remember, I submitted a prompt for the Long Ridge Writer's Group Newsletter. Based on the prompt, I intended to write a fluffy story about fall, hot chocolate, colorful falling leaves and piles to jump into. The story would include rosy cheeks and lots of smiles and laughing. ended up being a horror story. Where did that come from?

How about the story I wrote today? The first line included clear blue skies and flat seas. All in all, a beautiful spring morning. That makes me think about a story full of good. It ended up being a story about the sad life of a child raised with an alcoholic father and now he's alcoholic and having difficulty quitting. Where did that come from? I don't drink, my parents drank little and the same for my husband and his parents.

I could go on and on about the muse and what it demands the pen to write. I'll save you the read. Keep up with my blog and when the ebook of my first writings are published, you'll see what the prompt was for the story and you'll see how oddly wired my brain really is.

I'm sitting here writing my blog and monitoring twitter. I found an author the other day, John Geddes. I love the clarity of his pieces. He's a great example of every word having it's place and being important to the story. Anyway, he tweeted "you think so a hawk soaring - I feel so a kite without a tail plummeting to earth" I feel like I am the chaotic one "like a kite without a tail plummeting to earth"

Happy writing, revising, reading, discovering other greats and tweeting.

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