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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Today is a cleaning/reading/reviewing day

I've finished the laundry, shopped for the fruits and vegetables for our Nutribullet and attacked our storage unit. I expect it to be empty by the end of the month.Will shop for our dinner food later this evening.

What did I read today? I've decided it's time to review the books I read. Maybe you'll find a new author to add to your library. I read current books, older books and classics. Never know what I might choose. Today I chose two books. One by an independent author and another published through Random House.

I finished "The Boy Who Flew with Eagles" by Ben Woodard. Here's my review:

This, short, easily read story is great for bedtime or a rainy/snowy day.  “The Boy Who Flies with Eagles” is a wonderful story that teaches the importance of the proper usage of our natural resources. Its well woven, traditional storytelling style is reminiscent of a great evening spent with family and friends.

Naa’ki learns an important lesson from the eagles and bears as he grows in size, strength and knowledge. In return, Naa’ki passes on their message to his people and saves a nation from their past mistakes.

The other book is a little longer and I will give you my review in another post.

Happy writing, revising, reading and reviewing.

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