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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Submitting and Polishing

 I submitted Ten Little Gator Eggs to Writer's House to agent Brianne Johnson. I chose her because she likes fun picture books and I feel this is a fun book. I searched, without any luck, for other picture books she's had published. Ingram, and the library didn't have any of the titles. A few are to be published later this year.

She does have a challenge for five point to Ravenclaw if she laughs out loud, but, like I said, this is not a funny book. Children have danced and sang along as I read this to them, but none have laughed out loud from a funny passage. They have asked for more readings. I hope this is a sign Ms. Johnson will also like this book.

She has a 4 week turn around time.

Please forward this and encourage friends and family to like the Ten Little Gator Eggs page so we can show the agents and publishers this book deserves publishing.

Polished Rage of a Storm and have set it aside to stew a bit more. Am getting ready to go tutoring and then reading more of The Scariest Place on Earth: Eye to Eye with Hurricanes by David E. Fisher.
 Happy submitting, polishing and reading.

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