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Friday, May 4, 2012

Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy

Much much to busy for you. (Veggie Tales)

Not really. Catching up some work stuff I let go too long. Then son is ill. No internet at home.

Welcome to our latest followers: Nancy Coppola and Marcy

Still more catch up to get to, then I need to start Assignment 5. I'll try to squeeze in some Second Chances revising too. Have you checked out the Second Chances facebook page?

Here's some great idea, (gotta keep us in the writing mode)

Those are the only 3 actions you need to take:

1. Write. Work on your novel or other work-in-progress. Complete any current writing jobs.

2. Search for more writing jobs. Keep the work coming in.

3. Promote yourself as a writer. Get known as a writer so editors, publishers, and others know what you have to offer.

This is from Suzanne Lieurance in her Morning Nudge. For other great ideas, check out her website The Working Writer's Club

Happy writing, revising and submitting.

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