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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Research, research and more research

Last summer I wrote a story as part of a daily writing exercise. It has never left my mind. It's been waiting it's turn to resurface. Took me quite a bit to find the original hand written story.  Anyway, Assignment 5 seems to be the perfect time to finish it. I don't know why this particular story has hung around the hallways of my mind, but it has and is now determined to get out. I've spent the last few days, since my last update, researching archives. Trying to find the proof of the stuff that came out in the story. I'm trying, again, to write creative non-fiction. The first two attempts, Assignment 3 and 4, didn't stay in that format. Although I'm pleased with their eventual format, I'd really like to get creative with non-fiction. I've struggled all my life to create beautiful things through the arts and so far I see it in my sisters, nieces and children through their art and fashion abilities, but not in mine. Writing is such a struggle for me. So many say I have great ideas, but they are difficult to get on paper in a form that captivates.

I have the first 50 words of my 200 word assignment. I'm thrilled to no end to have the proof that those words are non-fiction and hopefully they will intrigue enough for continued reading.

The assignment also requires me to find two to three magazines to publish said story. Well, so far, that's been difficult, too. Seems my subject is not common. So I'm letting my brain work on a creative way of presenting the story so that more choices of magazines will be before me.

I'm also discouraged I haven't had much time to work on Second Chances. The only good news is my brain constantly works on the stories. I've put quite a bit of new stuff into Chapter 11 and I'm really pleased to add it there. Seems to answer some questions I wanted answered earlier than the previous drafts. It's going to be a while before this one is finished. Maybe by the end of summer. Wanted it done now, but, I've been told, you can't rush perfection.

Well, it's getting late and I need to get home and into bed. Let my brain work some more on its stories.

Happy researching, writing, contemplating, revising and submitting.

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