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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Still reading

I spent most of yesterday preparing the contest entry for WOW. It's a flash fiction of 500-750 words. Not sure if the format I used will be acceptable. I'll be sending it off to my editor soon.

Received Assignment 4. Just as I suspected, it's very dry. I'm so glad I have an instructor that can help me remove the dust and turn it into a more interesting article. What was written needs to be brought to light, or at least become a reminder. I plan to submit this to the local paper.

Yesterday and today, I reread the articles and parts of  lesson 5 my instructor recommended. At the same time, I revised my three papers that are part of Assignment 5. 1) Article Summary-I expanded the summary to ensure I met Ms. Clayton's requirement of  "Don't be vague." 2) Article Opening-I revised it to tighten it and make sure the questions or hick-ups I noticed were gone. 3) Name two possible magazine markets. I will actually turn in three. One takes fiction, but I queried them about creative nonfiction and they said they'd accept it, but will call it fiction. I chose them for their entrepreneurial spirit. The second is a creative nonfiction magazine. The third, a weather magazine.

Not sure how much I'll get done today. I plan to:
  • revise my contest entry
    • done and sent to my editor
  • begin revision on Assignment 4 
    • I did all I'm going to do today
  • research and take notes for Assignment 5
    • managed to get through a lot of pages of research. Lots more to go, but very interesting. I hope this article is as interesting as my mind has been making it.
  • not work on Second Chances. I've not been sleeping well this week so I've put this novel off until I can find my energy. I'm exhausted and unsure as to whether or not I'll accomplish the small tasks I've given myself let alone conquer the needs of the novel.
Or maybe, I'll just read a good book.

Happy writing, revising and submitting.

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