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Monday, May 21, 2012

Despite my exhaustion, I had an interesting weekend

As you read, I accomplished quite a bit on Saturday. Reading through Jeff Master's Blog took a lot of time for only one day, but it is extremely necessary for Article 5 & 6.

Sunday I was unable to get up for church. Headache and exhaustion kept me in bed. I managed to get up for food about mid-day and wrote down the storyline for a story that's been in my head for several months. Guess it will be the next one I work on. Maybe for Assignment 8. I have plans for Assignment 7. I promptly went back to bed. You'd think after sleeping all day Sunday, I'd be off and running. Not so. Maybe I have something else going on.

Today, I have accomplished what I need done and will, again, attack Jeff Master's Blog so I can continue taking notes for Article 5. I still haven't received an answer from the creative nonfiction writing expert, but will give a little more time before trying to find the answer elsewhere. I'm still concerned I may not be able to call Assignment 5 , Rage of a Storm, creative nonfiction. Already have a couple of magazines chosen that don't care what type of story, but would really like to know and understand this category. When I have time, I'll try to learn this from reading such stories as well.

Happy researching.

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