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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not much time for writing

I uploaded my story No Laughing Matter to the Women on Writing contest and paid extra for a critique. As a beginning writer I want as much help as I can get and this certainly is one way to get it. I'm really glad they offer this service. (It's too short a piece for my instructor so this is the next best thing)

I worked, very little, on Second Chances. Can't believe how the day got away. I'm amazed how well authors can keep their pieces going from beginning to end. I have so much trouble writing a short piece and here I'm working on a piece I expect to be about 90,000 words and wonder if I'm duplicating, missing important pieces of information, etc.

Discovered some really great articles on dialogue. I'll update you once I've digested the information. (yes, I'm thinking I have to start at the beginning of Second Chances, again, and make sure I'm not making the same pitfalls. Will I ever finish this novel?)

Happy writing, revising, submitting, learning and growing.

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