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Friday, May 11, 2012

Discouraged by what you are hearing or not hearing

from your submissions. Here's some help from Suzanne Lierance from the Morning Nudge:

Many times I coach clients who are ready to give up when they experience a single negative comment from a publisher, editor, another writer, or simply someone who visits their website or blog and makes an unfavorable remark.

Here's what I tell those clients:

You can't please everyone. In fact, you shouldn't even try.

Instead, you're out to appeal to your niche market.

But even then, you can't please every single person within that market every single time.

In fact, you need to EXPECT a few unfavorable comments or remarks now and then. That's just part of the BUSINESS of writing. Those comments help you learn and grow.

As long as your intentions are good, kind, and true, keep writing.

Over time your work will have a stronger voice, style, and tone.

The people who understand and admire that voice, style, and tone will crave more and more from you.

Others may criticize you, but that doesn't matter. It simply tells you they are NOT part of your niche market, and that's a good thing to know.

Today, get busy writing for the people who ARE your niche market. They're the ones you're out to serve. Let the others go.

Try it! 

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Happy writing and submitting

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