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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yesterday and today were and are full days. I read some for Assignment 3, but not until I finished work and was in bed. So I only read two stories. There are two more stories to read and then I'll continue reading about Assignment 3. I'm continuing to collect data for the assignment. Hopefully I'll be giving you good news about the worksheet completion.

Today. Where do I start? 1st there was the Rodeo Parade. Then an author signing for Teri-Anne and her book 'Conflagration' and the children's book club where they discussed 'Fablehaven' by Brandon Mull. I have stuff I wanted ship, but Menchie's had their grand-opening this morning and the children want to go back for more. So, they've gone. (Yes, all but one attended the opening this morning. The other one was preparing to participate in the parade)

I'm finally going to attack Assignment 2. Still waiting for feedback on Assignment 1.

Happy writing.

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