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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Negligent again-Updating

Sunday, I went geocaching with my husband and found a cool cache. Didn't really do anything toward my writing, but had a great time with my husband.

Monday, I read more at the student center, assignment particulars and read from On Writing Well. Many notes were also written for the first draft to complete assignment 2.

Tuesday, I continued reading and absorbing the particulars for writing a story and character development. I worked on developing the character for my story and continued the notes and ideas for assignment 2. Wrote a list of ideas for the challenge to write a Winter Scene leaving out the weak "to be" verbs.

Today, Wednesday, I left my stick at home. :( So, I've been reading from the Fantasy&ScienceFiction and On Writing Well. I wrote the first draft of the winter scene. (it's supposed to be visual only and 250 words. I think the writing will be easier since there aren't any characters to develop, but I'm wondering if the revisions will be the task since the weak "to be" verbs must be removed. I'll let you know.)

I'll make greater efforts to keep you updated more regularly. Thanks for reading.

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