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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The process of describing

I found out there’s a lot more to describing someone and/or developing a character. First I looked at my subject, I’ll call him John Smith, (to protect the innocent) and wrote down all the words I could think of that described his personality. Such as: arrogant, witty, clever, charming, etc. (not necessarily all at the same time) Then I started at the top and worked my way from there. Hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, lips, distinctive features ie dimples and how his eyes grab you and won’t let go. Then I considered his height, build, age and complexion. I listened to his voice and considered his most common remark. Even included some about smell and touch. I'll upload my notes below. It's handwritten as most of my writing starts out in that form.


Landolphe D'Aquin said...

These working notes will forever be part of the Dennise Sleeper literary archives.

Spellbound said...

Yes, thought scanning the paper would be much easier and less time consuming than typing the information into word.

Landolphe D'Aquin said...

The handwritten notes are more appropriate for your literary legacy.