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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not sure how much hair I have left

I find the second attempt not much different than the first. So I quit and read about character development. I like what I've read so far. I re-read the instructions and followed the examples. Here is the result. For me it's plain, but it does the best job of the three at meeting the requirement of you, the reader, being able to pick my character out of a crowd.

I sent this in Friday the 13th. Will let you know the results when they come back.


Almost every woman in the office of Smith and Smith dreams of bedding John Smith. This CEO in waiting leaves each, in turn, licking their wounds behind closed doors. To save face, the women cite arrogance as the cause of the demise of their dream relationship.

"I'll have your job," he said to them in their inept moments, "I promise." His short temper and lack of respect for his working employees is usually the first step in their wake-up call. In this manner Mr. Smith, a scrawny, lone wolf, remains outside the pack and waits for tidbits from Mom.

The first thing visitors and the ladies in waiting see in the lobby, of Smith and Smith, is John Smith the older and John Smith the younger. The dark brown eyes of the son are the first to grab. Many claim he can see right into their soul. In his late 30's he still hasn't learned to control his roguish hair. The spikes, highlighted red in the light, point haphazardly despite the use of gel. His smile is the clincher. Deep dimples, a thin upper and full lower lip tend to bring smiles to the women as they progress pass the portraits.

Sarah has heard and felt it all in her 20 years with Smith and Smith. She has never lost her desire to walk down the isle with John. Even when his 6 foot plus height towers over her and his dark eyes bore holes into her heart. Unlike some, who run away refusing to return, she continues to cross his doorway with the hope that one day he will actually notice her.

John's deep, melodic voice, calls her into his office. "Dad has asked me to attend The World Watch and Jewelry Show in Basel, Switzerland. The information is here," he hands her a copy of an email without looking up. "Book a flight for two and a luxury suite in the nearest hotel."

His woodsy cologne reminds her of the Christmas party at the Smith family's mountain retreat. She overheard his mother comment that he loved the place and often spent his weekends there. She quickly turns and leaves his office. Taking a deep breath, she regains control. She pushes the intercom button on her phone, "Sir, this email doesn't state who's going with you. I need both names to book the flight."

"I'll get back with you. In the mean time, get my mother on the phone."

She listens, through the open office door, to the loving side of John and dreams of the day he'll be devoted to her. He giggles and lightly laughs at something his mother said. The end of their conversation forces her return to reality.

Her phone buzzes, his voice sarcastic; "Mom says to drag you along. She feels you need some stimulation for this years catalog."

With a big, knowing smile she books a few extra days in Zurich. Says in the description, Don't miss the breathtaking panoramic view and exhilarating mountain air. What could be more stimulating?

Now see if you can find him.

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