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Friday, January 20, 2012

Planning the Story

I re-read about the story plan-Beginning Problem, Middle Struggle and End Solution and looked over the character information and notes. Then I incorporated the notes and the story plan. I have a mess as usual, but a story is starting to form. Not a true semblance of one until it goes into the computer, but it's shaping up. The  methods are unfamiliar since most of my writing in the past started at A and ended at B. At which time, I'd let it stew a bit, revise and add, then let it stew some more. Once I felt it was ready for the computer, I'd revise and add as I typed it in. Then the stewing process would continue until I had complete, coherent sentences. The sentences are then moved around to form paragraphs and flow. I'm so excited to see life forming in this story. I think that's the best part of writing. Breathing in the life.

I've a few character points I want to flush out and onto the character list to ensure I keep the character true, but it looks like it's about ready for the computer.

Until next time.

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